Black Sinatra Meets High Yellow Soul

Get to know one of Baltimore’s premier talents, artist/vocalist/producer J Soul. His latest release, Black Sinatra is available now. jsoulblacksinatra.com blackoutstudios.com

Stream now at Mixcloud

01. Intro/The Music
02. It Feels So Good w/ E Major
03. Welcome Home
04. F.L.Y. w/ Abrock
05. I Remember w/ Abrock
06. Simple
07. Who Are They
08. Good Life
09. She Said w/ Abrock
10. For Granted
11. Control
12. Closer f. Natalie The Floacist Stewart
13. Forever
14. Potential f. Eric Roberson
15. Tell Me f. Carol Riddick
16. You Are
17. Love Soldier
18. I Wanna See
19. Dance w/ Abrock
20. Frequency Remix
21. Take Your Heart (Pirahnahead’s Soul Mix) w/ Aphreme

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